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Incomplete Grades

I was in a meeting today that covered a range of topics related to final grades passing from an LMS to an SIS.  Among the topics was whether LMS's in general -- and Canvas in particular --  have a way to "handle" incomplete grades.

None of the LMS's that I've dealt with has had any functionality in this area, other than this sort of work-around.  Incomplete in Final Grade 

How does your school (assuming higher ed) handle incomplete grades?  At our school, an incomplete in the SIS also needs to have  alternate grade provided, in case the student doesn't complete the required work on time.

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We also do all our grades manually, but incompletes do require a set of eyes, so we would probably keep this manual even if we were going to an automatic system

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It seems that we are still trying to figure this out. Somewhere in this Canvas Community (from 2016) there was a suggestion that faculty could create a new section within their course and then add the student with the incomplete grade to that section. However, I suspect there are implications for managing the student/course this way. I would hope that, being two years later, there is a better way to manage Canvas for potential students with incomplete grades.

Our incomplete grades automatically become 'IF' grades. Students have a specific number of weeks, after the term ends, to resolve an incomplete grade. 

I wonder if a setting the term details can be used to manage this so that there is little left to 'manage' and courses within a term are prepared in the event a student requires additional time to complete coursework.  

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