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K12: SIS-PowerSchool assistance needed

Hi Canvas Admins,

Our schools (K-12) are currently using PowerSchool as our SIS which consists of a total of ten instances (schools). Recently, the key person left without notice. As you can imagine that leaves us somewhat a messy load of tasks/duties that no one has formally trained to take over. I've contacted the PowerSchool rep. for the admin training but as you probably already know that they charge literally everything you ask unless you figure a way yourself or seek further assistance elsewhere. That may sound ridiculous but true!

Long story short, I need assistance from K-12 Canvas admins whose schools are using PowerSchool as their primary SIS to provide further assistance and guidance if possible. I know and understand this may be a long shot but I still want to give it a try, regardless. Fingers crossed that someone from here may be kind and generous enough to share their experience and knowledge with us. 

Appreciate your kind assistance in advance!


Jonathan Tan

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 @ystan001 , I'm not able to help much with this question, but I am going to share this question with the PowerSchool‌, K12 SIS‌, and K-12‌ groups in the Community. In addition, you might want to join some of these groups so you can access their resources/information - this might also help you narrow down similar K12 admins who use PowerSchool. If none of this helps, my next recommendation is to contact your Canvas CSM to see if they can help find some admins from these types of schools who would be willing to talk with you.

Hope this helps!


That's okay, Kona! I know this is a long shot anyway. I will check it out PowerSchool, K12 SIS and K12 groups see if anyone has helpful tips to share.

Thank you very much!


Jonathan Tan

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 @ystan001  , let me know if you have specific questions! As a PS/Canvas integration admin, I would spend most of my time getting everything set in PS. My experience with Canvas is that as long as the integration is set up correctly things like courses and enrollments should sync up and auto-generate in Canvas.

Truth be told, we just finished our first year of the integration and I've got some extended questions myself that I need to follow up on. However, I feel confident in the work of the SIS integration team at Canvas 🙂

Don't know about giving tutorials, but if you have specific questions, I'll be happy to give them a stab!


Hi Rob,

I truly appreciate your reply. I think you may be a very good source, especially for the hectic school rollover season. I'm wondering if I can set up a web meeting or something to ask you a few more questions regarding PowerSchool-Canvas School Rollover.

Thank you very much!



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Hi  @jtan887 ,

We have been using the PowerSchool integration at my school for the past several years. I am the Canvas admin for my district, but have a very limited knowledge of PowerSchool itself - we are lucky to have someone else who handles that. However, in dealing with Canvas, I have had only rare occasions where I have had to get my PowerSchool person involved in what I was doing as it relates to Canvas. I would be glad to help with any questions that I might be able to answer or help to direct you to the right resources. As  @kona ‌ mentioned, the pertinent communities here will also provide a lot of help, and your CSM should be able to point you to the right Instructure people to assist.  Good luck with everything, and as  @rjacklin ‌ said, let us know if you have any specific questions we may be able to help you with.


Hi Nancy,

Thanks for the helpful response!

Like I responded to Rob, I would love to obtain some constructive feedback on how to better handle the school rollover for PowerSchool-Canvas. If I manage to schedule a web-conference meeting, would you able to join us for a little bit. No pressure at all. I think I may not the only person who may benefit from such conversation. Anyone else is welcome if they would like to join.

Thank you!


Jonathan Tan

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