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Permission to view submissions, but not grades?

Any ideas on how we could set up a Course role that could see and download student submissions, but does NOT have permission to view or edit grades?

We have a group of undergraduate "writing fellows" who review student papers and give feedback, but they are not allowed to view any student grades. We created a custom role and played a little with the permissions, but we can't seem to implement this. I thought turning on "Submissions - view and make comments" and turning off all the "Grades" permissions would do it (this is how Course Designers are set up), but turning off the ability to view grades seems to render the View Submissions permission moot -- there doesn't seem to be a way for a Course Designer to access a submission page, even if they technically have permission to view it.

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @jonelle_lonerga , I don’t believe it’s possible using the method you’re trying to use. What I’d do is add them to the course under the student role (you could create a writing fellows role based on the student role) and then have them Peer Review the assignments. This way they could see the assignments and provide feedback, but wouldn’t have access to any grade information. 

Here are some guides with more information:

 How do I use peer review assignments in a course? 

How do I manually assign peer reviews for an assignment? 

Hope this helps! Kona

Thank you, Kona! We have been futzing with using Peer Review for this, but the idea of creating a custom role based on the student role is a good one.

There are a few things about peer reviewing that make for an awkward workflow (especially for a lot of asignments), but it might be our best solution.

It’s cumbersome, but yes, it might overall still be easier to implement. 

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Hi Jonelle Lonergan ,

What about making the "Writing fellows" role like a TA and using the  Canvas Release: Anonymous Moderated Grading feature. This features seems to me that they cannot see the names of the students, nor the grades. And turn off the grader comments and they cannot see those either.

Good luck,
Cheers - Shar

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We are also looking for this for ABET accreditation reviewers, but also found it not possible.

We are now just looking to create a course role that can look at submissions (and grades) but NOT edit content. Any tips for that would be welcome - or if anyone has already done this, please let me know what the permissions look like for that.  Thanks!

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I, too, need this separation of course permissions for my school. For schools that have TAs helping facilitate and reviewing students' work, it keeps the burden on the teacher to get that work to the TAs. This seems counterproductive. We struggle with Canvas adoption as it is, and these folks might just opt to collect work on paper and hand it to their TAs in stacks...which pains me to think about...