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Pulling assessment data across courses

My district is looking at centrally distributing pre and post assessment quizzes across courses. There are multiple assessments across grade level and programs and after completion of the term our teams want a report of student performance on these assessments. Since each course will have a it's own copy of the assessment, I'm trying to determine the best way to pull this data. We have Canvas data, so I think if we standardize the title of each quiz to contain something like "Pre-Assessment" "Post-Assessment" I can query quiz_dim for the courses using the assessment and matches to those titles, and then join that with course_score_fact to get the individual student scores. However, I don't see any field in course_score_fact or course_score_dim that would allow me to do a join on the assignment ID. Am I missing something there?

Do you have other approaches you've used to pull a report like this across courses?  I'm fine working with the APIs.

Is there a way to identify the distributed versions of a quiz from the original quiz ID in the blueprint course (through API or Canvas Data)?


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