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Send Individualized Messages by default in Inbox - Voting open - needs some love

In a large majority of cases instructors want to send individual messages (at a minimum to be safe about FERPA and personal content) but many instructors forget to check that box when sending an Conversation message.   It would be helpful if an option could set by Canvas admins to define the default behavior of that (default checked or default unchecked) or it would be great if it remembered an instructors decision so they did not have to explicitly aware of it each time they send via Inbox.

Since some instructors surely use it to send group messages to their students, the user should still be able to toggle that setting of course. Currently only has 18 votes, needs a lot more!

Would love to hear from other Admins and support folks about how you handle this issue.  Do other admins feel the default state of this should be the opposite of it's current or let admins control it's default state? 

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Already voted!

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We need more control over messaging as well. We are running into an issue were instructors send out a message to the whole class rather than checking the individuals box and students 'reply all'. The instructors do not have a way at that point to stop the reply-all messages from coming. 

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This seems like a no brained because of privacy laws.