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Student Access After Graduation

Hi All,

My organization is in the midst of creating policies around what to do with student accounts after they graduate. Would anyone be willing to share how they handle student access to Canvas after they have left their institution (either after graduation or leaving under other circumstances)? I appreciate any thoughts or ideas the community can contribute!

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Hi  @becky6  , We don't make any changes for student accounts in Canvas, but their access to Canvas gets shut off based on the standard campus policy/process for computing accounts after a student graduates. They generally get about 30 days of access after graduation. We post global announcements, targeted at the student role, a few weeks prior to the end of each quarter, recommending that they download assignment submissions or course content, like syllabi. Here is an example announcement...

Access to UC Davis Canvas after graduation

Students lose access to UC Davis Canvas approximately thirty days after graduation. Before this happens, we recommend that graduates download relevant class syllabi and their submissions from Canvas. For instructions on how to easily download all submitted work, please read: How do I download assignment submissions from all my courses?

We also have a external knowledge base article that covers this topic...

For students that feel they still need access after they lose access, we direct them to our campus' temporary affiliate account process. They can request to be sponsored for a temporary computing account by a faculty or staff member, which will reactivate their computing account for a set period of time (up to a year). If a student re-enrolls (e.g. summer session, grad school) that would also restore their access.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you vanzandt this was definitely helpful. We are thinking through how this will affect our user account limit. At your institution, do you delete student user accounts after 30 days, either through Canvas itself or through some other type of sync? 

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