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Unrelated suggestions appearing in "Search for a course" bar in Canvas


Is anyone else experiencing unrelated suggestions appearing in their search bar when importing or copying content to other courses? 

I can cut and paste the SIS ID of the course I am looking for and consistently receive suggestions for unrelated courses.  

The example below shows that I am searching for 2022-1-NUR-211-O and it suggests 2021-6-CRJ-290-B (Criminal Justice) as an option.  Doesn't matter what I am searching for, as long as I input the year 2022, this is always an option. 

I have tried deleting the course (no content in it), but it returns with the next sync/import.  It is only a minor nuisance now, but I can imagine this might become a bigger issue later. 

**Also, I would love it if the SIS ID was included with in the suggested course to select. If I have multiple sections in the same term, and I have to guess which one I am copying from. **






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@BenJam1n ...

I'm not sure if what I'll share is at all similar to the issue you are asking about, but here's what I've seen...  I'm a Canvas admin for our school.  Sometimes when I am searching for course numbers, I will get some completely unrelated course numbers that show up in my search results (similar to what you show).  This is sometimes because the SIS ID field in each of our courses has some extra data in those boxes, and the search is looking for those numbers as well.  So, even though it's not what I am looking for, it's searching based on what it is finding.  Might something similar be happening for you where Canas is looking at the SIS ID (or Course Code field) located in individual course "Settings" pages?  Just a hunch.

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I was hoping that was the case, but nothing matches and it is always a Criminal Justice course as the suggested alternative.  I will have to dig deeper and see if there are similarities somewhere else.  Thank you for the tip!