Unrelated suggestions appearing in "Search for a course" bar in Canvas

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Is anyone else experiencing unrelated suggestions appearing in their search bar when importing or copying content to other courses? 

I can cut and paste the SIS ID of the course I am looking for and consistently receive suggestions for unrelated courses.  

The example below shows that I am searching for 2022-1-NUR-211-O and it suggests 2021-6-CRJ-290-B (Criminal Justice) as an option.  Doesn't matter what I am searching for, as long as I input the year 2022, this is always an option. 

I have tried deleting the course (no content in it), but it returns with the next sync/import.  It is only a minor nuisance now, but I can imagine this might become a bigger issue later. 

**Also, I would love it if the SIS ID was included with in the suggested course to select. If I have multiple sections in the same term, and I have to guess which one I am copying from. **