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User without ID SIS displayed

Hi everybody's,

I have an instance of Canvas Infrastructure 2019 in my University and currently, I used a Powershell script to create user and manager into my Canvas infrastructure.

Everything working well for the test phase, but now we are in production mode and our Canvas is coupled with our Microsoft 365. The Powershell script scan our Azure AD to create user into Canvas and grant all access to courses.
So it's seem good. But not necessary

Some users haven't ID SIS displayed into admin page and can't to connect to Canvas. If we try to add manually the ID SIS (email for we), the system said the ID SIS is always used on Canvas.

If we remove the user to retry connection, user is always created with ID SIS displayed.

So I would like to ask you 2 questions:

First, Is there a delay between the moment when we remove user on Canvas system and moment when the user can retry to connect on?

Second, have you even seen my problems? Some users can't connect to Canvas because the ID SIS isn't correct or displayed?

Thanks a lot

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SIS ID should be unique, if the user is not showing in people Admin list that's doesn't mean it is not in Canvas database...

If you run a provisioning report for users and include deleted records and I'm 100% sure you will see the SIS ID associated to a deleted account... so you need to reactivate the deleted account rather than re-create it 

Finaly, I found my solution. 
Problem not provide from Canvas but in Office 365 Azure Active Directory. It was the difference between the login and the UPN.

It solved now.