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Using Soundtrap in Canvas


Is there anyone else out there using Soundtrap with Canvas? Smiley Happy 

We have just recently installed the Soundtrap app, but we are experiencing some issues... 

1. When we install the app, the app occurs in each and every course menu... The thing is, we only want to use Soundtrap in our music courses. Does anyone know how to install Soundtrap without it being added to every course on Canvas? I've asked the Soundtrap support, but they couldn't give me an answer... 

2. How do assignments work? I know how to create an assignment, but how do the teachers view the students' hand ins? 

3. The menu button does not work. Has anyone else had an issue with this? 


// Rebecca 

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Hi  @rebecca_asker ,

We are also using Soundtrap. So far some good things, but also some frustrations. One thing we have done is to install the app only in our Music sub-accounts. If you have already organised your courses into different sub-accounts on Canvas, this lets you install apps specific to these subject.

313926_Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 8.50.23 am.png

Once you have created this structure, you can go into the Music sub-account and install the app this way. We actually restricted Soundtrap further by only installing in Year 7 and Year 8 classes - not all of our Music courses. Below, I've added a screenshot of just our Year 7 and 8 (Stage 4) sub-account, with Soundtrap installed. Hope this helps - good luck!

313927_Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 8.53.16 am.png

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Hi @rebecca_asker,

We're using Soundtrap for a podcasting project with just our Gov & Econ courses. As an admin, I added it to each course (I think there were a total of 12) using this guide.

I'm not quite whether Soundtrap integrates as an external tool for assignment submission yet. I'll share if I figure anything else out!

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Here is a link that explains how to set up the assignment in Canvas. And this link explains how students submit an assignment using the integration with Soundtrap.