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Our institution has been using Simple Syllabus for some time now and it's been working great. We've added it to the course navigation and we've included a message on the default Canvas Syllabus page directing users to Simple Syllabus.

The issue is that some instructors still choose Syllabus from the Choose Home Page popup, which means visitors to the course are greeted with our "Please visit Simple Syllabus..." message. (Obviously these instructors should try Student View once in a while, but that's another conversation. 😜

I realize this is a bit of a weird corner case, but has anyone had any luck editing the options under Choose Home Page? Getting into the code reveals a pair of divs (choose_home_page & choose_home_page_not_modules) but I haven't been able to find reference to these in any css or js file.

A couple of other notes here in terms of alternate paths - I've tried adding some redirect html in js, sending Syllabus to Simple Syllabus, which technically works but is clunky (It takes a few seconds) and doesn't solve the homepage issue at all.

Of course, you can also get embed code for a Simple Syllabus, add that to a page, and then make that page the homepage - this is the ideal, clean, case-by-case solution, but unfortunately it's a multi-step workaround that many instructors just aren't going to do.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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