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iclicker with cross-listed courses

Has anyone else who uses the iclicker LTI had problems with the integration recognizing cross-listed sections in a course? 

After cross-listing sections in Canvas, iclicker (classic) only recognizes the individual sections for the instructor to sync with and does not display a "section" that includes the entire enrollment of the canvas course. This is problematic when an instructor wants to utilize iclicker with the entire course (all sections) and sync rosters and grades back to a cross-listed Canvas course.

As a work around I've manually created an additional combined section of all students in the Canvas course, but it's clunky since my manual section requires frequent updates as students add/drop the course.

I've previously engaged iclicker and Canvas support to no avail, but If anyone has experienced similar issues, it would be great to hear from you.


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Community Coach


I haven't really used iClicker with Canvas, but what you describe is the same behavior you get using the built in Attendance feature in Canvas.  If you have a multi-section course you can only display one section at a time when taking attendance.  This makes sense if it's really a multi-section course that meets at different times, but for a cross-listed course that meets together it would be nice to view them together.  

So, I didn't really answer your question except to say that if iClicker is using the same types of connections as the Attendance tool that could explain why it works that way.