Canvas Credentials Checklist for Success


Digital Credentialing is rapidly becoming a dominant force in the education and workforce sectors. Many institutions are faced with the question of where to begin in this new landscape. The Instructure Strategic Services Team has created a checklist through industry partnerships and customer collaboration. This checklist aims to enable institutions to self-assess their progress toward implementing a Credentials Program and provide actionable items ensuring success.

Our checklist is built based on the Instructure Success Model, developed through years of research and customer input on the most effective strategies for launching and utilizing the Instructure Learning Platform. The checklist is organized into sections that follow this model. 


The vision communicates your WHY. It sets the foundation for your goals and success measures. The vision will also shape your institutional governance policy and evolve as your Credentialing program progresses.


The planning phase is centered around the change management process. This phase focuses on creating three key plans: communication, professional development, and engagement. 


During this phase, key stakeholders closely monitor the program rollout and ensure that goals are being achieved.


This phase allows institutions to evaluate their return on investment. It examines successes and areas for improvement. 

Download a copy of the checklist to assess the needs of your organization. If you need more assistance implementing and rolling out a successful program, contact your Customer Success Manager to hear more about our consulting and training services.