Certificate of Completion Questions on Actively Running Course

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I have access to an active Canvas course of 300+ people as a teacher. I do not have the admin level to add the certificate option manually so I have been working with another person to do that. 

In short, 

How can I get the certificate of completion option available for ALL of my students that are currently in the course? I have been able to test my theory and found that as a new student, I could get a certificate as well as a "test student" that has been in the course. However, I have been getting information from the person (with admin access) stating that "awarding students, who already completed the success criteria before the certification was not enabled, there isn’t a way to manually award them with the certificate." Is this true? Is there a workaround? 

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Community Coach

Your question, @LouriannNE, makes we wonder if you are using Canvas Credentials (née Badgr) to award those certificates. If so, the communication between Canvas and Canvas Credentials means that the order in which a badge is linked to module completion does not matter. Either way, the students will receive the badge shortly after two things are true: the badge is linked to the module and students have completed the module.

If you are using another tool to award a certificate of completion, please write back. You can also not accept my reply as a solution.

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