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Certificates for Partial and Full Course Completion with Catalog

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Scenario: Your learners will be taking a course, where you would like to issue a certificate for partial and full completion. For example, if they complete 80%, they get a Participation Certificate, and if they complete 100%, they get an Achievement Award. How can we do this?

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    In Catalog, we can create a certificate to be issued automatically to a learner after course requirements are completed. To set up two certificates to capture partial and full completion of the course content, you’ll want to use a combination of Course Listing and Program Listing certificates, and you'll want to split up your course into two courses.


    Steps in Canvas

    1. Create your Course (Course A) with content for the Participation Certificate. Don’t forget to include module requirements!

    Tip: Provide instructions for the Learner to head back to Catalog to access the next part of the Course in their Student Dashboard. Avoid adding a direct link to the next Course, as in future years when you create the next iteration, those links won’t be functional.

    2. Create another Course (Course B) with the additional content for the Achievement Award.

    Tip: Consider naming your two Courses so that your Learners can easily understand that there are two parts to the Course. For example, you may want to call them “Lab Skills - Part 1” and “Lab Skills - Part 2”

    Steps in Catalog


    1. Create a Course Listing for Course A.



    • Hide listing: if Course A is not a stand-alone Course
    • Show listing: if Course A is also a stand-alone Course

    Tip: Although the Course Listing might be hidden, the Listing Description is still visible to the Learner once they have successfully enrolled into the Course.

    2. Set up the “Participation Certificate” for the Course A Listing.


    3. Create a hidden Course Listing for Course B. Do not include a Certificate.


    4. Create a visible Program Listing that will contain Course A and Course B Listings.


    5. Set up the “Achievement Award.”


    6. Add requirements for the Program Listing.


    Learner’s Experience

    The learner will sign up for the Program Listing through Catalog, automatically enrolling them into both Course A and Course B. Once they complete Course A, they will automatically receive the Participation Certificate accessible by email and in their Catalog Student Dashboard. Once they complete Course B, they will receive the Achievement Award for completing the courses within the Program Listing.


    And, done! Two certificates automatically administered for partial and full completion of a Course via Catalog.

    Thanks to  @dgilogley  for his contributions to this article. This article was inspired during a Catalog training with some clients. Together, we were able to put together this workflow. So credit also needs to go to them! You know who you are :smileygrin: