A few questions about Catalog...

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We have a group at Penn State looking at Catalog and they have some general questions. I am hoping I could crowdsource those here. Thanks in advance!

  • Are students able to register for more than one course at a time?  
  • Is the solution accessible and ADA compliant?
  • Can open courses be viewed by appointment type? (ie. Graduate student, professor, etc.)
  • Can prerequisites be required for courses?
  • Is there a capability to allow for autofill fields?
  • Is there a connection to Canvas that would allow for the registration list to populate students in a course?
  • Can the system show all open courses?
  • Is there an automated response sent after a student registers for a course?
  • Can a portal be created for staff to view current course and information?
  • Can a portal be created for students to view their current and past courses?
  • Is there the capability to have email campaign sent out to promote courses?
  • Is there the capability to have all email correspondence within the system?
  • Can the system send out registration reminder emails?
  • Is there a course roster view?
  • Can a course completion/non-completed notification be sent out automatically?
  • Is there an NCC List
  • Is reporting a capability?
  • Is there capability to do reporting based on student information? (College)
  • Can certificates be automatically produced upon course completion?
  • Is there an End of course Faculty Evaluation?
  • Technical - Is there Integration with CMS or customization for UX/UI