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Any recommendations for project management software?

Catalog Users,

This is not strictly on topic, but I've been asked to look into new project management software for my Center, which is tasked with developing online courses and programs (both within Catalog and without). Since Catalog folks tend to be well steeped in online course development, I was wondering what other people were using and if there were particular recommendations that have been demonstrated to be good for academic projects, specifically online courses and programs.

There is a somewhat overwhelming pool of options out there, so I hoped this group of users in similar roles might be able to help narrow the field.


Leigh Bernstein

Boston College  

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

We use ServiceNow for Project Management and ticketing.

Community Champion

Been using Asana for a long time. Free for small teams, up to 15.

Community Participant

For our course development projects, we are using ClickUp. Prior to ClickUp we used Trello. Both are extremely useful for projects that involve multiple steps and multiple individuals. Both have free basic versions, which is what we used. 

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

We are also using Smartsheet to manage tasks and ServiceNow for tickets.