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Catalog New Category causing trouble with Learner Transcripts.

In Canvas Catalog, we have noted a new category on Dashboard and Learner Transcript.

catalog user‌   #transcripts

the new category is" NOT COMPLETED"

   It is moving courses that were previously listed as COMPLETE to this new category in error.

Courses that were moved, did not have a module associated with the class to trigger completion.  In the past just having a module was enough to generated a completed certificate--provided some sort of grade had been entered.

This change appears to have happened within 24 hours.

We have a ticket started with Canvas support  03080689#

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @bjholt , thank you for providing this information! Since Canvas Catalog is a different product than "Canvas" I went ahead and moved this over into the Catalog Users Group‌ in the Community.


HI  @bjholt ‌, As a frame of reference, here is the information from the release notes that discusses not completed:

Catalog Release Notes (2018-04-30) 

The important key here is that the individual did not complete the course: 

clarifying which courses were not completed before the course end date.

Does this help?


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Thank you, Kona

Community Participant

Hi Jessica:

Thanks for the response.  I don't know that I or my colleague who runs catalog on a daily basis are receiving release notes specifically for Catalog.  I am for my regular Canvas instance, however.

Understood on the concept that students have not "completed" the course. 

Our issue is that we manually entered a grade for students who took courses prior to this change. We acted as teacher.  They had been showing as completed.

Now their "status" has been changed--rendering the transcript useless.

I have a ticket in with support that with screen shots that illustrate our circumstances in more detail.  03080689

The prospect of having our entire library of  past courses changing from completed to "in progress"  is frightening....

Understandable. Please keep me posted on what Support says.

Thank you for posting your details. The transcript inaccuracies have been of significant concern since we started using Canvas Catalog. As with Jessica, I will be grateful to see the response from Support. 

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