Display Pending Catalog Invite in Canvas

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We are struggling to track invites sent through Catalog but not accepted by the user. Because the Catalog invite has not been accepted by user, the user is not displayed on the People page as Pending or otherwise. When invites are sent directly from Canvas, the invitation shows as Pending on the People page. Is there a way to activate the same feature for Pending invites outstanding from Catalog?

This is an example of our three point workflow. 

Point 1: Our education partner sends the Catalog admin a list of registrants for the course.

Point 2: Catalog admin enters info and sends invites from Catalog. (The only user with rights to Catalog)

Point 3: Course facilitators see the People page in Canvas for those which have accepted invites. From within Canvas, our course facilitators are not able to see which registrants are missing from the course. If our course facilitators could see those with Pending invites, they could take measures outside of the systems to communicate with registrants.

I do not have rights to Catalog. However, I have perused the Catalog Guide to see if there is a report via Catalog I could request from our admin. A report which indicates the pending invites. All I have seen is reference to a revenue report.

Please offer suggestions on how I can track pending registrants either through a Catalog report or a bridge between Catalog and Canvas.

Thank you!