Making a completion date exception to generate a program certificate

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I have a Canvas Catalog program consisting of three courses. The program listing is set to require completion within 365 days. I have a user who completed all the requirements within the 365 days except for a problematic SCORM module that I have since corrected. The user then successfully completed the SCORM item and satisfied all course and program requirements; however, this occurred after the 365 days had already passed. Neither the user nor I as an admin can generate a certificate for the program because the original date requirement was already unmet. Does anyone know of a way to force an exception so that I generate the user's certificate and update the completion status in Catalog?

Here's what I've tried:

  • Removing the 365-day requirement from the listing, saving, and reloading while masquerading as the user.
  • Verifying all course requirements have been met while masquerading as the user.
  • Editing the user's section in the Canvas course settings to extend the end date.
  • Downloading the certificate from the Catalog Admin > Analytics > Enrollments page, where the certificate link exists but I receive a message indicating the product was not completed on time.

I have admin and API access, but I'm not finding any documentation suggesting a way to generate a program certificate (not a course certificate) nor overriding the date.

Any ideas or does this need to be a support request to Instructure?