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Start Date?

Hi everyone,

Has anyone seen a change that you do not need to put a start date way in advance to have someone register for a course and now the start date is the actual start date of the course?
Please let me know.
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New Member

Hi Jessica 

Not sure if this is an answer to your question but we have worked out that if you have an event based course that has an open-ended enrollments and if you hide the text "'Starts" and "Started" with some jQuery you can set up the course listing display to show a discrete date (the event date) not the date range students can access course materials after enrolling (See below left). It's a bit of a hack. Cheers Greg 

316851_course dates.PNG

How did you get this accomplished?? Would love to hear about it.

Hi Jessica

It is the same bit of code that Kevin helped me out with a few weeks ago. That is, putting this bit of code (see below) into the customize JS part of Catalog will hide the occurrence of 'Starts' in all of the product-date shown in Catalog. This bit of code combined with open-ended access to course materials in Canvas allows for discrete dates to be shown in Catalog for courses set up this way.

This may or may not be useful depending on the situation and the code probably needs some refining.  For example, you may want to only apply this code to an events only sub-catalog or on a course by course basis as needed. We will probably not be using it at this stage but it works.

setInterval(function () {
var search = "Starts";
$(".product-dates").html(function (_i, orig) {
return orig.replace(new RegExp("(" + search+ ")", "g"), "<span>$1</span>");
$(".product-dates span").css({"display": "none",});
}, 1000);

Thank you.