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Canvas Catalog Release Notes (2016-02-24)

Canvas Catalog Release Notes (2016-02-24)

In this Catalog release, admins can add tags to a new or existing listing, and the User Registrations API supports registering user accounts.

Canvas Catalog is an all-in-one learning solution that integrates with the Canvas LMS as a course registration system, payment gateway, and learning platform. Learn more about Canvas Catalog.

  Updated Features



Listing Tags

Admins can apply tags to a new or existing listing. Tags can be added and removed at any time and are only applied to listings once a listing is saved. Once a tag has been added to a listing, admins can search for the same tag in another listing. However, if a tag is removed from all listings, the tag will be removed from the account.


Currently tags can only be viewed in an individual listing. This functionality will be incorporated as an enhancement to Catalog search capabilities in a future release.

  Other Updates



The Catalog API Documentation can be accessed from the Catalog Admin dashboard.

User Registrations API

The User Registrations API allows admins to register a user via Catalog, which will create a Canvas account for that user. When a user is created via the new API endpoint, they will receive a Catalog-branded e-mail to confirm their account and set a password.


Error Handling

When an admin creates a custom certificate with a bad syntax, such as if a bracket is missing in a supported variable, Catalog generates an error message. Errors are created for both previewing and saving a certificate.

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