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Catalog Release Notes (2023-09-18)

Catalog Release Notes (2023-09-18)

In this Catalog release (September 18), admins can remove users through the API.

Canvas Catalog is an all-in-one learning solution that integrates with the Canvas LMS as a course registration system, payment gateway, and learning platform. Learn more about Canvas Catalog.


New Feature


Catalog API Delete Users Functionality


Production Environment Availability



Addition: Deleting a specific user with dependencies


Admins can remove users through the API. This is added to the Catalog API documentation (/api/doc#users). Previously, admins needed to submit a request to have users removed. This update allows admins to easily remove users.

  • When only_orders_and_enrollments parameter is TRUE, it will delete only user dependencies that are orders, enrollments, payments, bulk invitations that they created, and applicants (wait list) for that user.
  • When only_orders_and_enrollments is FALSE or not specified, it will delete user dependencies including the user themself and their related account admins.

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