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Canvas Data Hotfix (2017-04-06)

Canvas Data Hotfix (2017-04-06)

In this production hotfix of Canvas Data we performed a hotfix on a particularly nasty issue affecting an extremely small subset of our users.

  The Issue

As mentioned previously for an extremely small subset of Canvas Data clients certain rows were silently being dropped, or were being mangled. This wasn't caught by our QA due to the fact that none of our QA Shards had this issue. A list of the affected fields is below:

  • published_at for quizzes dim/assignment dim.
  • score_before_regrade for quiz_submission_historical_fact.

  How do I know if I'm affected?

If you were one of the small subset of people who were affected you can reach out to in order to know for sure. The only difference you should notice is having potentially more correct fields in the above mentioned columns.

  What are we doing to ensure this doesn't happen again?

We have added extra checks to our automated QA Process to catch potential issues like this in the future. We've also broadened our QA Testing Shards in order to raise the chances of us catching issues like this in the future.

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