Canvas & Moodle

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Short Question: Does Canvas export to Moodle and, if so, how do I import into Moodle?

Long Question/Explanation: I work in two jobs, both in education, but both very different. I teach 6th Grade Math in a public school and I also teach an Introduction to Psychology course at a local private university part-time. I fell in love with Canvas when asked to help create a district-level Math course for the district that has "adopted" Canvas. I love the Canvas Commons and began looking into creating a Introduction to Psychology course using some things that I found on Commons as well as integrating my own content. During the process, I signed up for a free Canvas account to use with the college-level course because the University uses Moodle (not my favorite). My college course uses McGraw-Hill Connect, and I was excited to find out that Connect can be integrated to Canvas...then dismayed to find out it can only be integrated if you have administrative access, which does not come with the free Canvas account. So...back to using Moodle (once again, to my dismay), hopefully using the already-created content from Canvas. I do not necessarily need to import quizzes as I typically do those through Connect, but it would be nice as some of the activities from the Canvas course are cleverly set up as quizzes.