I accidentally uploaded the wrong course from commons. How do I delete all content so that I can upload the correct course?

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I tried importing the correct course hoping that it would overwrite the incorrect course but now I have content from both on the page

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Community Coach

Hi  @mpinney1  Welcome to the Canvas Community.  Thanks for posting your question.  Ugh!  Having more content than you wanted in your course isn't great...let's see if we can help get this fixed for you.  I think the best option for you at this point is to completely "reset" your course...bringing it back to an empty state.  Resetting your course does not remove enrollments...it simply cleans out your course so that you can re-import content from Commons or from a previous course you were teaching.  If you are completely sure that resetting the course is okay with you (meaning you've got stuff saved to your hard drive as a backup), then you can use this Guide: How do I reset course content?  But, if you are unable to reset course content yourself (some schools hide that button from faculty view), you will need to reach out to your school's local Canvas administrator to see if that person would be willing to help you reset the course.

I hope this information will be of help to you, Matt.  Please let Community members know if you have any questions about this...thanks!

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