PROJECT: Earth Day Resources

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni


What is the goal of your project?

Earth day is coming up! And I'd like to modify existing resources (or create new ones from scratch) related to Earth Day!

What type of resource(s) do you want to create?

I thought it would be nice to create (at least) 5 modules on five different Earth Day topics. I'm open to exploring/brainstorming on the topic ideas for each of the modules (i.e., recycling, pollution, energy conservation, history of earth day, etc.) I thought it might be nice if each module included 1 content page (with some informational stuff), 1 discussion prompt, and 1 short quiz (but I'm flexible on the format, as long as we are consistent).

What kinds of collaborators are you looking for?

Anyone who is passionate about Earth Day. You don't have to be a SME or an ID, but I'm hoping together we can agree on a structure or format of these modules so we can push out both informative and fun activities around each topic.

What's the deadline for completion?

Let's share these modules on Friday, April 22, 2016 - Earth Day!