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Original Topic Title: Can a quiz that pulls questions from a question bank be shared in Commons?


If so, would the quiz and question bank be imported into a course from Commons?



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Hi admin_nolan​.

I'm going to move this question out of the Find Answers​ area and into the Canvas Commons​ area.

I believe the quiz can be shared, but individual question banks cannot. Currently, if you add questions to a quiz (either by copying from a question bank or creating the question from scratch within the quiz) then those questions will copy when you share the quiz to Commons. At this time, if you set up the quiz using question groups (i.e. take 15 questions, each worth 1 point from XYZ question bank) then those questions will not copy into Commons along with the quiz.

Does that help clarify?

However, you can submit a feature idea in Canvas Commons​ and suggest options related to quizzes/question banks.

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