12 Days of Credentials: Roles


Before your organization begins issuing badges, it’s important to consider who will be in charge of issuing, editing, and managing your credentials. Both the free and paid versions of Canvas Credentials allow an administrator to designate specific roles for each issuer. 

As we covered in a previous post, an Organization is the top level of access in Credentials, similar to a “root account” in Canvas. An organization can include multiple issuers that award badges. Each issuer can have owners, issuers, and staff members to help manage the learner experience:

Organization Role StructureOrganization Role Structure


Let’s examine the different roles available within Credentials:

Organization Administrator: All organizations will have (a) top-level administrator(s) who can manage the entire account, similar to a root account administrator in Canvas. Organization administrators can create issuers. They can also make edits and view data for the organization as well as for each issuer. All organization administrators are also owners in each issuer created in the account and have all the permissions available to an issuer owner.

Issuer Owner: An issuer owner can view issuer data, add and remove user access to an issuer, assign roles within the issuer, and edit roles within the issuer. They can create and manage badges and pathways as well as award badges within a pathway.

Issuer Editor: An issuer editor has all of the permissions available to an issuer owner, but they cannot add or remove roles.

Issuer Staff: Issuer staff members can only award badges and assign groups to existing pathways. You can find more information on those roles here in our Credentials Guide.

Before launching your Credentials program, it may be useful to designate these responsibilities. Using the “Identify Your Credentials Team” document will help you keep track of who will hold each of these roles and how to contact them. 

We’re happy to help you build a successful Canvas Credentials program. Contact your Customer Success Manager to hear more about our consulting and training services.