Considerations for Public Issuers, Pathways, and Badges


Public pages in Canvas Credentials are a useful way for an institution, program, or instructor to share their Credentialing program with outside parties, including potential/current students, corporate partners, or other community members. These public-facing pages can be a great way to market your institution or help badge earners better visualize the program.

Public pages are available for Organizations, Issuers, Pathways, and Badges. An Organization’s public page is always visible, but you may choose to hide some Issuers, Pathways, and/or Badges from the public view. Let’s discuss how to do this, as well as reasons why you might choose to hide them.


When an issuer is created, a checkbox on the creation page reads, “Show on Organization Public Page.” If this box is checked, the issuer will appear on the organization’s public facing page ( under the tab reading “Issuers.” You can see an example of a public page here.

You can view your Issuer’s public page at any time by clicking on the Issuer name, clicking on the ellipses menu on the right, and selecting “View public page.” This menu will also allow you to select “make it private” to remove it from the organization’s public-facing page. 


Similarly, when a Pathway is created, a checkbox on the creation page reads, “Show on Public Pages.” When selected, this Pathway will appear on the public page for the Issuer and Organization. Note that if this box is checked for the Pathway, but its issuer is not public, the Pathway will not appear on the Organization public page. Using a similar process to an Issuer, you can open a Pathway and use the ellipses menu to turn the Pathway privacy on or off or view its public page.


The Badge creation page includes a checkbox that reads, “Display on Issuer and Organization Public Pages.” Checking this box will allow the Badge to appear on those public pages. Note that if this box is not selected, the Badge may still be added to a Pathway and may still be visible if the Pathway is public. Using the ellipses menu on the Badge page will allow you to adjust privacy or see the Badge’s public page.

Why Private?

When launching a Credentials program, an institution may be eager to share the work they’ve done. However, it’s important to remember the purpose of the public page. What message does it send? What value can a student, community member, industry partner, or other outside party gain from this page? What might confuse them or dilute the value of the program? Do you plan to link this page to your website or in other official communication?

Many Organizations utilize Canvas Credentials for internal professional development in addition to a student micro-credentialing program. It is important to consider whether showcasing this is part of your public message. In addition, many Organizations have created test/practice Issuers, Pathways, and Badges. Generally, it’s best to keep these off the public page to emphasize the integrity of your program.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on public vs. private Issuers, Pathways, and Badges. What have you taken into consideration while making these decisions? What are you still unsure about? Leave a comment below!