A-F and P/F grading schemes

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Two commonly used grading schemes in Sweden are A-F (i.e., A, B, C, D, E, and F) and P/F (i.e., Pass and Fail) together with Fx (an incomplete - this is not a final grade). To install these grading schemes into a Canvas course or account I wrote a simple python program: insert_AFPFFx_grading_standards.py (available at https://github.com/gqmaguirejr/Canvas-tools).

Note that the numeric values associated with the letter grades do not matter, as it is only the letter grade that will be recorded in the central grade register (called Ladok).

While we have been using Canvas as an LMS for several years, we still did not have such a grading scale available at the account level, so I made a program to make it easy to insert these schemes for a course.