A rudimentary system for importing grades into SIS

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We needed a system that would pull grades data (including "Letter" grades) from many assignments in many courses.  I couldn't find much to help with this, so developed some (API) scripts and this rudimentary system.

These slides give more detail, some context and ask a few questions:

System for importing Canvas grades into the Student Information System 

Some of the scripts:

GitHub - jagobrown/canvas-lms-unsupported: Scripts for integration with Instructure's Canvas LMS 

(Thinking aloud:

The fact that I've effectively re-created some Canvas DB Tables here, has made me ask myself why not run a local instances of Canvas and update these tables instead, and pull the grades from this DB.  There could be other benefits of running a local instance as well?... Maybe in terms of archiving very old courses  to reduce AWS/Canvas costs?)

I'll be a the #ALTC Annual Conference 2017 at Liverpool University UK on Tuesday 5th if anyone is there to discuss Canvas matters

Hoping for the full compliance of Canvas & SIS implementations with https://www.imsglobal.org/activity/onerosterlis  
(one day soon) - will help us all!


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