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API: Remove "Everyone Else" from Assignment


I am looking to use the API to create an assignment override without keeping "Everyone Else".  Searching the forum has not helped to resolve my issue.


I have a template course.  That template course has multiple assignments.

Using the Create a New Course endpoint, I create a new course.

Then, I use the Create a Content Migration endpoint (via :course_id) to copy the template course into the newly created course.

In the newly created / newly migrated course, I create multiple sections using the Create Course Section endpoint (e.g., Students and Employees), assigning each new section to the new course.

I am able to use the Create an Assignment Override endpoint to assign a single section (e.g., Students) to an assignment.  However, once the override has been created, the assignment is still assigned to "Everyone Else" as well.

When listing all of the overrides, via List Assignment Overrides endpoint, I can only see a single override listed (e.g., Students).  "Everyone Else" is not listed.

I have seen "Assignments API: Create assignment assigned to one student?".  It has not allowed me to successfully remove "Everyone Else" or, at least, have only a single section assigned to an assignment.

Has anyone had any success in using the API to have a single course section override without having "Everyone Else" as a remainder?  If so, what's the secret?

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