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API or Canvas Data for Question Banks

I'm trying to figure out a way to get at the questions in a question bank, (original quizzes), and haven't found anything in the API or in Canvas Data.

Canvas Data does provide the question group IDS in a quiz, and with that ID, I can get the question bank ID returned.

Has anyone figured out how to get the questions from a Question Bank? I'm hoping it's just buried somewhere and I've missed it.

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I don't think you have missed it. 

The need for a question bank API has come up a few times in these fora and it is included in the Idea at: 

Maybe add an Up Vote.

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Thanks for the link! Unfortunately, the idea is in cold storage, and with Quizzes.Next, probably not much hope that there'll be additions to the original Quizzes API.

I'm trying to figure out if there's a more efficient way to get the original Quiz/Question Banks since everything will need to move to Quizzes.Next, and have been going back and forth between Canvas Data mixed with working with the API.

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Someone else asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago, but I just saw it and responded yesterday. How to retrieve all questions from a quiz.  I think the problem is that the person linked to the questions in the bank instead of adding them to the quiz.

My response was that you can create a quiz where you add all of the questions from the question bank to it and then use the API to retrieve all of the questions. You can also export the quiz through the course export content methods and then use something that opens up the QTI format.

Have you read something that suggests there won't be an automatic migration path for moving to Quizzes.Next? I've heard that there will be, but I cannot put a link to it right now. Or are you just wanting to be proactive about it and move to Quizzes.Next before you're forced to?

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Thanks, James. I'm trying to be proactive and am trying to see if there's any way we could automate this process.

I already figured out how to do most of this manually (, but for users with a large number of question banks and random draw quizzes, there needs to be a better solution.