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API to get a report by error_report_id

I see an API to create an error report, but I don't see one access an error report. In fact, when I plug the error_report_id into​​​ (which is not what I want), I get a popup dialog that says I don't have permission to access the page. Does anyone know of an API to access an error report by error_report_id? Does anyone think an API for this would be useful?

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I do not see an API call to get the error report.

I do have a faint memory, from when I first started working on Canvas...  I had a conversation with support asking for info related to the error_report_id and it seems like they were able to retrive this info using a url.

At the time I was trying to figure things out, and did not make a note.

You might try contacting support to see if they can share some info with you.

My experience with the API and error_report_id so far has been related to syntax or incorrect parameters.

An "error report" has not helped me over a hump yet, but that doesn't mean it wouldn'e shed some light.

Please post back if you learn anything.

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I discovered the error_reports URL somewhere when we were having some problems with the API. I asked around on IRC and apparently in order to access it, you have to have the "site admin" role with the "view_error_reports" permission. We contacted our Instructure rep about it and never did get a straight answer back. I don't think it is a permission they normally hand out to customers on hosted instances. Your rep should be able to get you a specific error report if needed though.

However as Garth said, the errors I've seen before are generally related to either missing required parameters or malformed parameters (URL encoding and such) when composing the API call.