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I'd like to create an action button in the top part of the "Grade" page.

Is it possible to add an action button on the top of the page using a resource from Canvas?

This button will communicate with an external API(created by me) to sync grades between Canvas and other system created by the University that I work.


I want to create a new action button in the red area, is it possible to do that?

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Adding custom UI elements has gotten tricky because Canvas is using frontend frameworks that dynamically create and update page components. The gradebook looks like it has some static `divs` you may be able to target with a userscript (in TamperMonkey, for instance) and eventually a custom script in your Canvas template.

<div class="gradebook-menus">
  <span data-component="GradebookMenu" data-variant="DefaultGradebook">...</span>
  <span data-component="ViewOptionsMenu">...</span>
  <span data-component="ActionMenu">...</span>

 You could use some Javascript to get the gradebook-menus element and then insert whatever HTML you would want for your button.

function doSomething() {
  // do your API call, etc

let container = document.querySelector(`.gradebook-menus`);
let button = document.createElement(`button`);
button.innerText = `Click Here`;
button.onclick = doSomething;


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