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Apex Learning - External Tool Set-up

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We are in the middle of setting the LTI integration from Canvas to Apex Learning. It appears that you can ONLY create the external tool link within the course module (correct me if I'm wrong). In this case, we have a total of 13 schools with a hundred of courses for each school. It would be very time-consuming for us to create the external tool pass-thru link for each course. Is there any other option we can create the link in bulk or must do it course-by-course?

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Your question is vendor-specific. They may not support any other launch method. Ideally it would be a course navigation tab you would be interested in asking them about.

With that said, I've had some success modifying an external tool designed to be placed in a module to a navigation tab at the course level as a proof of concept to show a vendor support person that it was possible. I used  XML Config Builder to reformat the tool to use 'Course Navigation' and it worked. So in theory you could try this and place the LTI config at the account/sub-account level. But you may want to check with your vendor to see if by doing this you would be violating their terms of use.

Hi Jeffrey,

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Would you mind to show me the screenshot of the result of using XML Config Builder please? I just want to take a look before I start using it. If not, that’s alright.



I can't show you a screenshot per-se as I don't have access to the original XML that the original vendor I worked with sent me. Like I said, it was a proof of concept that I destroyed when they eventually came out with their own revision of their tool. But you can probably experiment with it by starting with APEX's XML provided through their edu-apps profile:


Try and work backwards to reconstruct the required fields such as launch URL, and privacy setting. Compare the original XML file with the result in the XML config builder as you go, and be sure to check off the 'Course Navigation' box. Try adding it at the course level to see if you can get it to work. It may be a trial and error process, but if you're not getting that support from the vendor it doesn't hurt to at least try.