Assistance Required with SAML Authentication Issue

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This is the fourth time trying to post this question. It gets marked as spam. This time I will just add the question inside a attached file. 

We are encountering an issue configuring Canvas as a service provider for an IdP. Despite successful authentication from the IdP, Canvas is not processing the SAML response correctly, leading to authentication failures. 

Issue Description:

- Successful authentication response from the IdP, as indicated in the attached SAML trace logs.

- Canvas fails to process this response, resulting in authentication failure.

Please review attached file for full question. 

Could you please assist us in understanding why Canvas is failing to process a successful SAML response? 

  • Is there a specific attribute or configuration setting in Canvas that might be causing this issue?
  • Can you help identify why Canvas is unable to successfully process the successful SAML response from the IdP? 
  • Are there known issues or additional settings in Canvas that we should check when integrating with an IdP? Maybe there's a general setting "approve external IdP:s" or something?

 Your insights on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.


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