Assistance required with SAML just-in-time provisioning configuration

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We have SAML authentication enabled for our users, everything is fine with it. However, we have tried to use the just-in-time provisioning option for automatic user creation, this when the user does not exist on the platform.

In the configuration it asks us for some unified attributes of the provider, we have placed them accordingly but it cannot bring us the information of the Microsoft user accounts. That is, when the user is created, he fills in all the data with his email: name, surname, ID, etc.

We have validated that the attributes of our provider are the emails, in another application we use the same and it brings us the user data.

We have not been able to identify how we should use unified attributes for just-in-time provisioning.

These are the attributes:

Canvas Attribute: Provider Attribute
display_name: display name
surname: surname
name: username
email: email address

Users are being created:


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