Authentication for Global Javascript based app

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I'm looking to build an app that integrates on all canvas pages for the student role and ideally would like to use LTI to accomplish this, but as LTI placement doesn't allow for space on every page and doesn't allow for the space I'm looking to occupy (right sidebar) I am currently building this app out using the global javascript functionality. I do still need to authenticate the user on my server for server side functions and this is where LTI really would have helped. I'm curious if anyone has any experience combining these two approaches and if there might be a way  to authenticate a global js based app using the LTI 1.3 protocol (from the global js context - so would have to be an api call or something).

If not (maybe I'm approaching this the wrong way), I know I can call the canvas api using the context of the currently logged in user, is there an easy way I could maybe pass a token or something that my server could authenticate the logged in user?