Bulk Remove Students Tool (Updated 2/16/22)

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I created a new userscript for removing students from courses in bulk. This will be particularly useful when managing clubs/activity and remediation manually created courses that aren’t set to conclude. For instance, I can see us using this heavily to manage NHS/NJHS, Class of "2018" courses, LOTE clubs, and anything else that has rolling members.


To setup the script –

  1. Install Tampermonkey (if you don’t have it already)
  2. Install the script by going to the following link
    1. Click the “install” button that pops up in Tampermonkey
  3. Change the "@include" on line 7 to match your institutions Canvas URL setup
    // @include https://*.instructure.com/courses/*/users‍‍
  4. It is currently setup to only be visible to admin as our teachers don't have enrollment privileges
    1. If you are a teacher with enrollment privileges (you can add/remove people), then change Line 22 to include "teacher" as a role.
      var buttonRoles = ["teacher", "admin", "root_admin"];‍‍‍


To use the script –

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Navigate to the people tab in a course and it should pop up near the top.



  1. Lists student name, section, enrollment date, and last activity date in a sortable table.
  2. Select All checkbox or select individual students


Limitations –

  1. This currently only works for students. I figure we don’t usually have more than a handful of teachers in a course, so that can usually be managed by hand.


Let me know what you think and if have feature ideas or improvements, let me know!


*EDIT 2/16/22 - Added pagination to load all students at once and async chunking of removal requests to prevent rate limitation errors. I also added loading icons to make user aware script is running.

*EDIT 4/22/19 - Added Section column*