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We have used a CSS file for our courses for the last 2-3 years with out any issues and it has worked well. In the last few days something has changed so all of the columns are now aligned vertically in narrow columns next to each other rather than being vertically stacked in one single column.

The page styling makes use of the  <div class="content-box"> and <div class="grid-row"> to format the page. I created a code sandbox online editor and the page looks ok so it seems something has changed within the platform in terms of what css class names are being  used or supported. My class names in the  style sheet have custom names to avoid collisions. 

I have added a screenshot to show how it is currently displaying .

Has there been a release with changes in what is supported in recent weeks.



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In the end by adding the following to the css file the problem was solved


.header-bar {

    flex-direction: column;

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