Can we use grant_type as client_credentials for API Developer key instead of LTI Developer key?

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I need to use canvas APIs for an ETL job i.e a backend job which runs everyday, where I need to extract data by using canvas APIs(authenicated through a API developer key) then do some transformation to the dataset to display to user. Since its a background job, we do not have anything for clients to authenicate it manually.

I am bit confused here whether I can use API key to get access token by using grant_type=client_credentials, as per documentation it is state that Before the client_credentials grant flow can be achieved, an LTI developer key must be created

If this can not be achived, how can we make it possible to generate access token on behalf of client without manual intervention? Because if we go with grant_type=authorization_code it will prompt user to authenticate daily. Any recommendation or suggestions would be of great help.