Cannot upload ore preview files in self hosted Canvas LMS

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This is a follow-up of my last post on the community forum here,

Following the production guide created by Instructure for Canvas LMS Installation gave me a pretty tough time as there were so many steps and instructions missing from this guide. I have created a detailed step-by-step guide incorporating all the missing steps which would save days of frustrations & debugging.

Complete Guide:

I have figured that there is some problem with the file uploads on self-hosted Canvas LMS and found a solution to that problem as well after much trouble so I am sharing the solution for this as well. You need to add this snippet when Configuring Virtual Hosts for Canvas. This is mentioned in canvas production guide but it is not very clear and missing these lines could cost you terribly essentially breaking the whole files upload functionality in canvas.

This should be added in /etc/apache2/sites-available/canvas-ssl.conf as below

XSendFile On
XSendFilePath /var/canvas


I hope it benefits the community!