Canvas API Page Views Interaction Time

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I'm fetching users page views with the Canvas API. 
In the Users documentation ( page views objects have an attribute called interaction time. 

According to this post:

"Time is calculated by the number of seconds a user interacts with a Canvas page. Canvas records interactions at a minimum of 10 seconds or a maximum of 5 minutes to document when a user physically interacts with the page, such as clicking the mouse or using the keyboard."

However, this is not the case for the interaction time within page views. I've seen interaction times go way further than 5 minutes, which makes me assume the estimation is not done based on active interaction on a page, but rather just with the time that page is open. For example, some page views have an interaction time that lasts weeks, which is absurd. 

Anyone knows how this attribute is calculated, or has found any useful purpose to it? 
Thanks in advance,