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Canvas Developer Certification & API Integration

Dear Developers,

I have a quick question if anyone of you would be kind enough to assist me.


  1. What does it take to become a professional Canvas developer?
    • Is there some sort of Canvas Developer certification available?
  2. How easy if one simply needs to build the API integration link between Canvas and a content provider (e.g. Apex Learning)?
    • Any suggestions on the easiest and cheapest way to do it?

Thank you very much in advance!



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I think some kind of developer certification or training is a great idea.

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I agree with Mark. It will be nice to include some sort of enterprise solution courses in the certification training as well.

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You could start with this course:  Canvas Dev and Friends - API and LTI

This course will walk you through the API and the basics of how LTI

The course is a bit dated, and the person who created the coures is no longer involved, and there are some bugs....

That being said, the course does work, you can work your way through each exercise, and it is useful.

For me it was particularly useful with respect to LTI which was something new to me.

I do agree, it would be really nice if Canvas would offer some official enterprise courses.

This is a great discussion to get started, thank you : )

In response to Question 2:  I have developed an SIS integration using the API and it was not difficult.

I have since created several LTI tools, which have been well received at our institution.

Combining the API with an LTI integration is a powerful combination.

You might want to take a look at this:  Edu App Center - Apex Learning

Apex Learning already has an integration for Canvas, you should ask for more details and see if they are already doing what you need.

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IMS Global would certainly be something to look at closer.  IMS is the organization that sets the standards around LTI, and with LTI 1.3 and Advantage start adoption, this will open the door to a number of possibilities!

Learning Tools Interoperability | IMS Global Learning Consortium 

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