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Hi, I have a question about the HTML editor.

Up until recently if you were working in the HTML view of a page in Canvas and navigated away, say to a differing web browser tab, upon returning the cursor would always jump back to the top of the HTML (this seemed to happen regardless of web browser).

It was annoying but as long as you made a mental note of the line number not so much of an issue.

Recently, in the last few weeks this seems to have changed and you can navigate away and find your cursor in the same spot but, there now seems to be an issue if you type into the HTML, say start a new line to add a "<p></p>", it will jump you right down to the bottom.

It has made the HTML view unusable, for anything other than copy and pasting or adding text between existing tags. Again, this seems to happen regardless of web browser used.

> Has anyone else encountered this?

> Is this known about?

> If it is, is there likely to be a fix very soon?

> As an aside do we know why it is happening?

Thank you in advance.

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