Canvas LTI 1.3 OpenID Login Initiation Url not found with 404 issue

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Canvas is not able to find "OpenID Connect Initiation URL" from the LTI 1.3.In my case I have developed a provider which is based on LTI1.3 IMSGLOBAL standard. So when trying to launch the url link , Canvas is sending proper access token request with  form parameters (client_id, login_hint,target_link_uri,lti_message_hint,canvas_region)as a POST request  to the LTI but unfortunately OidcLogin file  which is the path of "OpenID Connect Initiation Login URL" is giving us 404 error due to which LTI is not able to request for ID Token .

I am using Dot Net core 3.1 with razor page and OidcLogin page is PageModel type.

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