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Hello. As we know on canvas, we select "online" submission, and then under "plagiarism review" select "turnitin". Then the submissions can be graded in SpeedGrader, and the plagiarism scores are visible there and on the Grading page.

I'm creating another tool that can be used to do similar plagiarism check. How to integrate it in a similar way as turnitin is integrated in assignments "plagiarism review"? I've created an LTI but I don't think an LTI can be integrated that way.

Thanks for the help.

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Hi @EklavyaAGARWAL,

The Canvas Plagiarism Framework uses an older version of LTI than what's currently being used by most tools. To integrate your tool in a similar fashion to the Turnitin plagiarism detection plugin, you'll have to follow the Plagiarism Detection Platform instructions and the LTI2 implementation guide.

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