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Common Cartridge: How to import and access learning object resources not referenced in the organization manifest?

Schools have asked that my company (a content provider and publisher) include related learning materials that complement the core instruction we provide in our thin common cartridges. Teachers would like to import these supplementary learning materials into Canvas for use as a learning object repository that they can search and browse. The common cartridge specification allows the resources section of the cartridge manifest to include additional learning materials that are not explicitly used in the organization section of the cartridge file.

I would like to add supplementary content to the resources section of my cartridge, but I have not been able to find out whether Canvas is able to import the additional resources. When I import my thin common cartridge I find that the materials listed in the organization section of the cartridge manifest are properly imported into the Modules area in the Canvas course. However, I cannot find any way to access the additional learning materials. If they were imported, I cannot find a way to access them from the course.

Does Canvas only import the organization content referenced from a common cartridge manifest? Is there a way to import supplementary materials for inclusion in a learning objects repository? My customers would love to import all of my company's external media resources into Canvas. Please let me know if there is a way to provide them this feature in Canvas.


Dan Hammari

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